July 26th, 2021



SoundStar® ceiling system’s hexagonally shaped cellular coffers offer a scalable way to add geometric dimensionality and disrupt sound’s ability to travel across a space. Each module is comprised of angled surfaces made from our Soft Sound® acoustical material (100% PET plastic with up to 60% recycled content) with a metal substructure. Choose from 12” or 24” deep modules, to mix and match as desired. Thanks to its flexible, modular configuration, SoundStar® can adapt to a range of spaces and design visions, to create a spectacular visual effect. The design and sound capturing capabilities of this system offer a fresh effective approach to high performance sound attenuation.  


Dynamic Modules

SoundStar®'s unique hexagonal shape allows it to work in dynamic clusters that don't confine its modules to rectilinear spaces. SoundStar® works with irregular and regular spaces, clusters well in open areas, and can be suspended individually as an acoustic cloud.


Reduce Noise, Enhance Acoustics

SoundStar®'s Soft Sound® material reduces the impact of noise from everyday annoyances like ringing, typing, and chatter resulting in a more pleasant and productive environment. SoundStar®'s material works in concert with the faceted design to help reduce and control reverberations and diffuse sound leaving a lasting impression at scales ranging from assembly halls to conference rooms.


Seamless Connections

Connect SoundStar® modules seamlessly into clusters, at all adjacent points, with our module joining brackets.


Expansive Soft Sound® Library

Choose from a large library of Soft Sound® colors and wood textures. Mix and match colors to accent fins and complement the color scheme of your space.