May 10th, 2021


Join us for webinars and in-person events this month and next. Earn CEU credits, experience new products and solutions firsthand, and catch up with our Nolan Brands team!

Event # 1 - Tomorrow

Wellness and Spatial Choice
To help people work, let them choose where and how.

About this event

At the same time many employers were already contemplating a move to flexible work practices such as activity-based working (ABW), the recent move to mass telework has created new urgency around the need for more dynamic, diverse and responsive environments.

This session will explore the impact of work environments on wellness, with a special focus on spatial choice. We will dive into case studies and data that show how workplaces that offer ready access to a variety of space types—from bench seating to phone booths—outperform traditional offices in supporting performance and wellbeing.

The event will be hosted by PLASTARC—whose thought leadership has guided companies through people-centric workplace transformations, including moving to ABW—in collaboration with Hushoffice™️.

Event # 2 - Next week

*1.0 PDH/HSW approved*
Pedestrian & Pathway LED Lighting Webinar
Learn more about lighting and the new standards developed by IES.

About this event

“Safety in footcandles” is the default mindset for illuminance. Such thinking is the bane of lighting designers and a major challenge when designing spaces for pedestrians. Lighting design based on pedestrian activities at night requires very different requirements from vehicular roadway-centric lighting. This session will explore the human interaction with contrast, color rendering, and glare reduction that shape and enhance the visual experience while protecting the environment. Participants will learn the basics of LED technology and become familiar with concepts to help evaluate LED lighting for future projects.

Speaker: Rick Utting is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for Landscape Forms. From 2007 to 2019 Rick led the lighting program for Landscape Forms by emphasizing quality of light for people and the outdoor environment. As a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society, Rick is Vice Chair of the “Lighting for Exterior Applications” standards committee and a frequent speaker on the topic of outdoor lighting. Rick holds a Master of Science degree from Western Michigan University and thirty years’ experience directing product development that includes a U.S. Patent for low-glare and twelve luminaire design awards. In 2013, Rick created the Lighting Leadership Xchange, a university based event that fosters the exchange of information between lighting design professionals and students from undergraduate illumination programs.

Event # 3 - June

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 10.56.11 AM
Friday, June 4th - DC / NOVA (time and exact location TBD)
Monday, June 7th -

Please join us to share a few minutes of real face time and a chance to experience our newest designs firsthand via our mobile showroom. Refreshments will be served & work-from-home stories exchanged!

We’ll also be handing out a number of giveaways at the event, and at the tour’s
conclusion we will be raffling off items such as a Trek bike, portable outdoor speakers,
and outdoor furnishings!